THE Global Syndicate

Creating something from nothing, and growing without limits.
The Global Group delivers total performance harnessing expertise and synergies to lift customer satisfaction to inspiring levels.

THE Global Ltd. / Holding Company

We propose and drive management strategies at the group-wide level and oversee management and administration of each subsidiary as well as risk management. Our core focus in the many customer encounters we have had since our foundation has been to “treat the customer’s opinion with utmost importance.” With this basic stance, we will quickly grasp changes in the times and carry out proper corporate activities. We will engage sincerely in our work, which has a social responsibility component, from proposal and provision of “living spaces” that are the basis of people’s everyday lives to planning and operation of “travel spaces” such as hotels. Through these activities we will pursue customer satisfaction.

Global Juhan Corporation / Sales Agency

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. As well as selling properties of The Global Group, we also engage in sales on commissions from other developers. We are always careful to “propose residences giving thought to the daily living of the customer after they have moved in.” Each residence has its own value that we can propose only by thinking about people and walking around the local area. In addition to showing people the property itself, we also walk with them around the neighborhood to let them imagine living there, and introduce them to the nearby surroundings. We make every effort to listen to the customer, happy to be involved in helping them to make this important life decision.

Global L-Seed Corporation / Condominiums

We plan and develop properties in the Tokyo metropolitan and Kansai areas, mainly condominiums, revenue-based properties, commercial facilities, and hotels. No two plots of land are the same, and we strive to bring out the full unique potential of each site by carefully setting the concept, theme, and targets for each property and applying exacting standards to every aspect from design through to construction materials. By working to create the best future for each site, we aim to develop high-value-added properties based on the customer’s perspective.

Global Cast Corporation / Detached Houses

We will strive to transform customers “dreams” into “proud achievements.” This is what we envisage in our pursuit of “house” building. We do not outsource housebuilding – rather we aim to deliver quality and reliability through fully integrated operations from land purchasing to design, construction, and after-sales services. To make customers’ ideals and preferences into reality, we devised HOUSETYLE – fixed cost planned houses that combine the benefits of custom-built and ready-built homes. We will pursue completely new homes that deliver inspiration over and above customer satisfaction.

Global Heart Co., Ltd. / Building Management

Our mission in building management is to enable condominium residents to live at peace and in comfort, while preserving their asset value. We strive to provide “face-to-face management,” smoothly carrying out daily management operations and constantly interacting with management associations and residents. We work proactively to help residents to know one another well and create real communities, so that their condominiums function not just on the physical level as facilities for living in, but also on the social level as places that provide a satisfying sense of connection between people.

Global Hotel Manegement / Hotel Management

Hotels have the potential to provide travelers with “valuable inspiration.” Our goal is to achieve this in the hotels that we manage. We strive to propose plans and provide services that will inspire our guests. These include services that can create memorable moments and the experience to connect them from one to the next, and drawing on close ties with the local area to present unique local experiences outside the hotel as well. We will pursue services to make hotels that will forever engrave unforgettable life memories in customers’ hearts and minds so that they say, “See you again!” when they leave.

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