Message from President

Thank you for the wonderful support you have all given The Global Ltd. and all of the companies in The Global Group.
We listed in the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in July 2016. We owe this, too, to the ongoing support and contributions of our stakeholders, and I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude.
The Global Group began as an agency selling condominiums in new complexes built to meet an increase in demand. Our main work included developing and selling new condominiums, developing condominiums to be used as investment properties and developing, selling and performing contracted work on detached houses, primarily in the Tokyo area.
Olympics approach, inbound tourism has increased and demand for hotels has grown. We are developing a number of hotels in the Tokyo and Kyoto areas to meet this new demand.
At the heart of all of these new developments is The Global’s motto and core vision: making real estate exciting around the world.
While the world as a whole is seeing less separation between countries and more international travel, Japan’s globalization is lagging behind in many aspects. Hotels are one such area: there are basically no true boutique hotels here, only premium hotels and high-end business hotels.
The Tokyo Olympics are accelerating all aspects of globalization in Japan, and we expect that the domestic real estate industry will be no exception. This will extend not only to the quality of tangible elements but to intangible elements such as services. We are embracing these changes with initiatives to showcase the subtlety and beauty that has always been important to Japanese people and create a new style of Japanese quality that has never been seen in a hotel before.
The housing industry is another area in need of innovation. As IT advances in a variety of other industries, the real estate industry is stuck in the past. We are promoting IT-based sales methods to reduce sales costs and improve efficiency.

We have entered an age where customers review companies and products online. Those reviews are then quantified to create rankings. To set our customers’ minds at ease and provide a satisfying experience, we are improving our framework so that strong products are accompanied by swift, thorough follow-up services.
In future, The Global Group will continue its expansion from condominiums and houses to hotels and overseas real estate development, and improve various areas of Japan’s real estate industry to win global respect.

We look forward to sharing the next chapter of The Global Group’s story with you all.

Hidekazu Nagashima
President, The Global Ltd.

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